About Us

Zandi Rugs (Online Retail branch) has been in the business of manufacturing and direct importation and exportation of oriental and Persian rugs and kilims for more than 35 years now. Our company works with various manufacturers across the world as our direct importer for these products.

For all the years that Zandi Rugs has been in this business, our company is known for delivering high quality, elegant and highly sophisticated products to our clients at all times. We see to it that we can keep up with the changing needs of our clients by encouraging them to have a frequent visit to our website and creating constant communication with them. Also, we are always open to any of their recommendations to continuously improve our services to their satisfaction.

By visiting our site, you can discover some of the best and genuinely handmade rugs and kilims that are also available in different ranges of styles. As you take a look at our gallery, you are sure to be surprised with the vast selection that you can choose from and feel overwhelmed of what we can offer.


Appraisals - Zandi Rugs is known to be one of the few certified appraisers of Rugs across Europe, Canada and United States. Our appraisals are available at any of our branches and offered as complimentary services for trade professionals. We are also offering this for auction, retail purpose and other purposes at reasonable prices.

Cleaning - We are completely aware of the need for thorough cleaning and this is what we aim to provide with our cleaning services. Our professional rug cleaners will make sure that aside from removing all dirt and grime, they will ensure that the softness of the wool and richness of its color is well preserved.

So, be our partner and start earning more!