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Ecommerce online – Wholesale – Auctions – Business liquidations – State sales

We are happy to be helping Sellers – Retailers, Estate Sales, personal items & Companies that they want to close their Business or Sales their Inventory.

has a database of over 500,000 VIP Clients that have the possibility to like & Buy your items

Antique & New Arts – Hand-knotted Rugs & Kilims – Tapestry’s – Oil paintings Furniture’s – Jewelry’s – Figures – Asian Ceramic & Glass Vases

Consign with ABC Houses on mission is to connect buyers with sellers of quality goods. If you own an items & you would like to Sale or Consign, we are here to help you, to make that key connection to Manufacturers, Wholesaler, Retailers & Clients.

We assist in the sale of your Items by providing a secure, neutral platform in which buyers and sellers worldwide may establish contact to sell or/ and buy items.

ABC RUGS KILIMS has business relationships with over 5000 manufacturers:

(India – Pakistan – Turkey – USA – Canada – Mexico – Europe – China – Tideland – Korea)

We can find any kind of items you need from

We can have your items on our website and send to over 100,000 Rugs and Furniture Stores to see, and if they like they contact with us: (USA – Canada – Mexico – South Africa – Europe)  

To start selling your items; you must open account:

You must send: Your catalog without your name and address with good photos

You must to have your items information’s for us on Excel CSV file format

For websites: images Should be between 1500 and 2500 pixels wide

For Printing: images should be 2550 x 3300 pixels


SKU:    Origen:    Quality:    Design:    Color:   Weight:   Title:    Description:    Price: US$

Size: Sq ft & inch Charges: Seller pay 3% to 5% AND Buyers Pay 3% to 5% Depend of invoices

Your item will be listed and available for review and evaluation on our site.                        Please contact us: