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Cleaning & Services

Free Pick up & Delivery Free Replacement Rug

Special Offer:

Wool Rug / Kilim:
from $1.25 / sq feet

Wool & Silk Rug / Kilim: from $1.75 / sq feet

Our Showrooms:


1933 S. Broadway (9th floor) #916

Los Angeles, CA, 90007

Canada: Ontario,

Greater Toronto Area,

Markham, Richmond Hills

1 (213) 928-7380

Email: info@zandirugs.com

Free Entrance + Free parking pass

for our customers

Mon-Fri 10:30 - 6:00

Sat & Sun by appointment

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Cleaning and Repair Services

We invite you to come visit our showroom and discover a huge selection of handmade/ Hand Knotted area Rugs & Kilims,

Rug & Kilim are both works of art and purposeful for household & Office items.

We offer a largest variety of the most beautiful handmade Rug & Kilim from around the world, including Nepalese Modern bamboo Silk, Traditional Persian and Oriental Rug & Kilim, Afghani, Khotan, Vegetable-dyed, Pakistani, Hand Loomed - woven Rug and many more.

We gather thousands of genuine Rug & Kilim, handmade, Hand Knotted, in a variety of styles, Sizes, Design, colors at Clarence price.

Our Products are investment, Prestige, Quality & Art. If cared for properly and regularly cleaned, they can be passed down from generation to generation…looking like new and best for investment!

handmade/ Hand Knotted Fine Rug & Kilim come with a lifetime Exchange Services. That’s mean, if you like to change your House or your house design and colors or you get tired of it, you can exchange it for a different handmade/ Hand Knotted Items of equal or greater value as often as you want! Your only cost is the cleaning fee (if is necessary needs to clean) and the price difference if you choose a more expensive Rug or Kilim. In other words, your Rug or kilim holds 100% of its price indefinitely!

We have the Best prices & Quality & Services In California & Ontario Canada.

Rug & Kilim Cleaning & Repair Service

Call us or make an appointment online to use our Repair Services.

Please feel free to visit us or call us, & bring this coupon.

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Cleaning - Services – Appraisal

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What does ZANDI offer you?

  • The largest selection of Persian & Oriental Rugs & Kilims in North America.
  • The most competitive prices. Thanks to a strict direct import policy.
  • Confidence: ZANDI Persian Rugs is a International Company, that, since it's foundation more than 35 years ago, has built up renown solid reputation of service and expertise.
  • Every Rug is delivered with a certificate of origin.
  • The service of showing your selection in the interior of your house, without any obligation.
  • An extremely efficient sales team speaking 5 different languages at your service.
  • Delivery of Rugs all over the world.
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